DAIKIN AC FXLQ floor console mounted
DAIKIN AC FXSQ concealed
DAIKIN AC FXHQ ductless ceiling suspended
DAIKIN AC FXAQ wall mounted
DAIKIN AC FXNQ concealed floor console indoor unit
DAIKIN AC BRC1D71 wired remote control
DAIKIN AC 2MXS two zone 18k heat pump
DAIKIN AC BRC wireless remote control
DAIKIN AC BRC2A71 simlified wired remote control
DAIKIN AC BRC7C wireless remote control
DAIKIN AC FXDQ slim duct
DAIKIN AC FXFQ 4 way cassette
Daikin Quaternity single zone heat pump
Daikin VRV S
What is a Heat Pump?

Heat pump technology enables either cooling or
heating from one system, a device that acts as an air
conditioner in the summer and as a heater in the
winter providing heating and cooling to homes and
businesses in one system. Heat pumps function
exactly like an air conditioner in the summer
absorbing heat from your home or business and
moving it outdoors. The cost to cool a space with a
heat pump is the same as with air conditioner with the
same efficiency rating. In the winter a heat pump
basically an air conditioner with a valve that allows it to
operate in reverse, absorbing heat from the outside air
and moving it indoors.
VRV How Does It Work?

Daikin Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system changes the way you solve air
conditioning problems. At the heart of our system is a highly intelligent inverter-driven
compressor. This advanced technology enables the output of the outdoor unit to be
modulated by the cooling or heating demands of the zone that it controls. Available in
heat pump and heat recovery formats, this advanced system allows for individual
control of up to 41 indoor units of varying capacities and types at connection ratio of
50% - 130% (8 and 16 Ton) compared to outdoor unit capacity. The heat recovery
function is achieved by diverting exhausted heat from indoor units in cooling mode to
areas requiring heating, and uses a Branch Selector (BS) unit to switch the indoor
units from cooling to heating mode. The entire pipe network is also facilitated by the
use of the Refnet tubing connectors, which reduces the installation time.
The VRV system keeps running costs at an absolute minimum by controlling each
zone individually and being able to shut down completely in unoccupied areas.
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Daikin ac indoor, outdoor and control images
Daikin indoor and outdoor units
Daikin indoor units plus outdoor units
Daikin remote control
Daikin VRV III s brochure
Daikin Altherma brochure
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Daikin single and multi zones
daikin line up
Indoor, Outdoor and remote control units
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Daikin skyAir logo
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  • The system operates at the required capacity,
    delivering the amount of cooling or heating to
    maintain the desired comfort condition.
  • Start-up time is reduced by one-third
    (compared to normal on/off units).
  • Avoid cycling operation of the compressor,
    thus reduce costly current (amp) peaks.
  • System minimizes temperature fluctuations.
  • Reduce the energy consumptions by one-
    third (compared to on/off normal units).
Advantage of inverter Technology
Daikin vertical air handeling unit
Daikin RZQ24PVJU9 central AC
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Daikin FXMQ concealed indoor unit
Daikin DS T30 1BA61 timer
Daikin DCS301C71 central remote
Daikin central AC inverter heat pump
NY NJ Daikin HVAC contractor
Daikin Air Conditioner Contractor | Ductless & VRV | NY & NJ
Daikin central AC inverter heat pump
Daikin central AC inverter heat pump
Authorized Daikin contractor to establish AC installation | Service | Repair | Maintenance
Ductless Air conditioner & Heating | Central AC|
Commercial VRV | VRV IV | Aurora Heat Pump Heat Recovery
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VRV III S video
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daikin heat pump video
VRV III indoor units video
Rebel rooftop
Daikin 2014 Genral products catalog
services information
daikin products information
New Daikin Inverter Ducted systems, The new indoor unit
design along with the extended capacity range up to
42,000 Btu increase design flexibility and offer a
cost-effective alternative to traditional high efficiency gas
furnace/AC systems for residential applications. Systems
offer energy efficiency levels up to SEER 20.0 and HSPF
12.5 with up to 100% heating capabilities at outdoor
ambient temperatures as low as 14°F (select models),
providing an energy efficient system at more affordable
operating costs than traditional heat pump systems
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Super multi plus
New 4 ton Daikin Super Multi Plus
8 zones Multi zone | Rating up to 18.8 SEER | Heating & cooling | Heat Pump

The new Daikin Super multi plus 8 zones system design for residential and light commercial
Super Multi plus complements and expands Daikin current multi-split portfolio, provide superior
efficiency and flexibility with the ability to connect two to eight indoor units from a variety selection
options including Daikin’s new 2 x 2 ceiling cassette ranging from 9,000 Btu to 18,000 Btu, wall
mounted units from 7,000 Btu up to 24,000 Btu, and new extended range of concealed indoor units
ranging from 9,000 Btu up to 24,000 Btu.
Products class leading efficiency levels (four ton Multi Split heat pump) are available with rating up to
18.8 SEER for ductless indoor units and up to HSPF 11.3.
daikin super multi plus
Daikin inverter central AC and heating
Daikin VRV III S Logo
Daikin VRV III logo
When Inquiring to `a new HVAC system in a particular room, multiple rooms or entire building.
We have the right system. We introduced comprehensive mixture of high-efficiency heating and
cooling or cooling-only systems.

Our Ductless or ducted systems can be used virtually anywhere: homes, apartments, offices,
retails stores, medical centers, schools, universities and more. We also offer extensive
selections of indoor unit types to meet any of your requirements: wall mounts, floor mounts,
concealed ceilings, suspended ceilings and ceiling cassette indoor units. Indoor units
capacities range from 7,000 Btu up to 96,000 Btu. Outdoor inverter condensers units are able to
control single or multiple indoor units, connected up to 62 indoor units with a single condenser
using a variable speed compressor with 48 capacities steps, yet each indoor unit is
independently controlled.

Daikin VRV III is a highly-efficient commercial air conditioning and heat pump system design to
save energy by controlling every zone individually, they provide heating and cooling from one
system with the ability to heat in extreme cold outdoor conditions down to -22F. Also, cool up to
122 F. Condensing units capacities range from 6 ton up to 36 Ton per system, refrigerant pipes
length per system up to 540 ft, total network length of 3,280ft of a liquid line.
Authorized daikin contractor
HVAC Contractor services & Products information
daikin contrator in NY NJ
daikin split air conditioners
Installation for residential and light commercial applications
HVAC service in NY and NJ
Installation | Repair | Service & Maintenance | Yearly service contract
daikin split air conditioners
daikin split air conditioners
daikin AC
daikin split air conditioners
09-24,000 Btu        Wall mount ductless Air conditioning, Heat pump heating and cooling or cooling only
09-24,000 Btu        Slim duct & wall mount  Ductless & ducted Air conditioning heating & cooling
09-15,000 Btu        Wall mount ductless Air conditioning heat pump
18-24,000 Btu        Wall mount ductless Air conditioning heating and cooling or cooling only
30-36,000 Btu        Wall mount ductless Air conditioning heat and cooling or cooling only
18-42,000 Btu        Concealed DC ducted Air conditioning systems, Heating & cooling or cooling only
18-42,000 Btu        Ceiling suspended ductless Air conditioning heating & cooling or cooling only
18-42,000 Btu        Ceiling cassette ductless Air conditioning heating and cooling or cooling only
18-42,000 Btu        Vertical Air handling heating and cooling or cooling only
  • Installing and supply Daikin ductless and ducted Air conditioning & heat pump systems - single-zone, Multi-zone &
    VRV systems, both residential & commercial
  • Installing low ambient heat pump systems operates in extreme low temperature down to negative -15 F.
  • Installing ductless AC systems for computers room, operates down to -40 F in cooling mode
  • Provide costumes installation in buildings where outdoor space is limited
  • Repair Daikin heating and cooling Air conditioners plus VRV systems
  • Repair refrigerant leaks and condensate water leaks,
  • Repair and replace defect electronic board, condensate pump, expansion valves and compressor
  • Servicing and maintenance Air conditioners, heat pump, heat recovery and water cool systems
  • optimize ductless & ducted air conditioning & heat pump systems for maximum performance in heating and cooling
  • provide yearly maintenance service contract to keep your systems up and running trouble free
hvac services we provide
installation and reapir
yearly service contract
Installation for residential & light commercial
MULTI-zone (up to 8 zones)
Multi-zone systems suited for multiple rooms,
Multi-zone systems suited for multiple rooms, Our residential and light commercial condensers ranging from 2 -10
zones, provide heating and cooling, yet every indoor unit independently controlled. Indoor units choices: Wall mount, floor
mount, ceiling concealed, ceiling suspended and ceiling cassette. All of our multi-zone are inverter variable-speed
outdoor units are measurably quieter and use less energy than conventional air conditioners that cycle on and off, an
inverter compressor ramps up or down to match the capacity and maintain comfort levels.
daikin split systems heating and AC
daikin AC MXS series
2MXL18QMVJUA 2-zone 17 SEER (ductless)
3MXL24RMVJUA 3-zone 18 SEER (ductless)
4MXL36TVJU       4-zone 21.7 SEER (ductless)
Daikin MXS series Multi-zone product informations
daikin multi zone systems
daikin 2MXS18GVJU
multi zone indoor units
daikin split air conditioners heating
daikin up to 8 zone
HVAC residential and commercial
New ! VRV IV-S Multi-zone installation options| Ductless | Ducted concealed | Wall mount | Floor | Ceiling cassette | Ceiling suspended
daikin 2-8 zone
VRV III S information
New Daikin VRV IV-S Air conditioning & heat pump systems 3, 4 and 5 Ton for residential and light commercial
applications. Indoor units mixed and matched, wall mount, ducted concealed, ceiling cassette, one-way cassette,  
ceiling suspended cassette, concealed floor mount and finished floor mounted.

High efficient system up to 18 SEER (none ducted system), heating down to -4 f at  low outdoor temperature,
cooling up to 122 f. At low outdoor temperature, 100% heating at 5 f. Locked at negative -15 f.
Great solution for all house heating and cooling from one system, zone control either ductless or ducted indoor
units, low energy cost, quite operation indoor and outdoor.
daikin split air conditioners
daikin ducted AC
Pacific HVAC Air conditioner is an Authorized Daikin Heating & Air
Conditioning Contractor for Residential & commercial
applications. Highly knowledgeable. Expert and specializes in
Daikin Heating & cooling systems: Ductless Air conditioning and
VRV, Ductless and ducted air conditioning, heat pump, heat
recovery and water-cool systems. We Provide outstanding of
HVAC service, care for exceptionally clean and professional
Installation and offers affordable maintenance plan.
Authorized Daikin contractor
daikin AC contractor
daikin super multi 8 zone
daikin split air conditioners

Daikin Ductless heating & cooling systems open up opportunities in small and large space

With Daikin, single split, Multi split or VRV centralized systems, we create the perfect heating & cooling
solution for any of your construction needs, maximize comfort for every home, business or large
commercial space and creating unique personalized  environment.

Ductless Air conditioner design flexibility

Ductless Air conditioners inverter technology smartly control entire system operation, design flexibility
allows to choose the right style and capacity indoor unit for your environment, inelegant inverter
compressor increase performance when needed and reduce energy consumption when desired
temperature reached, individually temperature control in every room,  additional energy saving by
shooting off the indoor unit in non-occupied area.
When a little or no ductwork required, it takes less time and effort to install, Saving time and money on
every level.

VRV III commercial centralized system

Daikin is using the latest and most revolutionary technologies in the development of the VRV III, Heat
pump and Heat recovery systems for large residential and commercial buildings. The system offers
greater energy savings, easier installation, longer actual and total piping length
, and more.
daikin ductless air conditioners and VRV information
Ductless split system  & VRV - Features and benefits
  • High energy efficient and use of R-410A refrigerant
  • Dehumidification function control (Quaternity systems)
  • Indoor air quality: flash streamer air purifier (Quaternity systems)
  • Deliver prices temperature
  • Quite operation indoor and outdoor
  • Smooth air flow
  • Intelligent eye movement sensor adjust temperature (on FTX and CTX models only)
  • Variety of wired and wireless remote control
information about heating and cooling
VRV Features benefits
daikin multi plus
daikin split air conditioners
Daikin lineup catalog
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how does VRV work
ductless heat pump information
inverter information
inverter technolgy
what is heat pump
about vrv information
Call for Service
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Daikin general catalog
daikin ac
VRV III indoor units video
Rebel rooftop
VRV III S video
daikin split air conditioners
daikin split air conditioners
information about heating and cooling
daikin VRV IV S logo
Daikin VRV IV-S brochure
Daikin ductless systems
Daikin Aurora brochure
Daikin quaternity 2017
Daikin multi-split air conditioning
Daikin SkyAir wall mount heating and cooling
Daikin SkyAir ceiling suspended
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Daikin Aurora Multi-zone
Daikin Emura
Daikin Emura Single and Multi-zone
Daikin Emura
Daikin Aurora

Daikin  EMURA Wall mounted
2 & 3 Zone 18 & 24,000 Btu
Heating down to -13°F
Cool up to 115°F
Indoor units combinations:
Wall, Floor, concealed and
Ceiling cassette      
Daikin EMURA
inverter technolgy
inverter information
inverter information
inverter information
about vrv information
daikin ductless air conditioners and VRV information
about vrv information
inverter technolgy
inverter technolgy
daikin central air conditioners
daikin central air conditioners
Daikin central air conditioning
yearly service contract
yearly service contract
HVAC residential and commercial
daikin heating and cooling systems
daikin heating and cooling systems
authorized daikin contractor
authorized daikin contractor
VRV III S information
    Installation & AC repair | Ductless Air conditioner | heating & cooling | Heat Pump | Heat Recovery  
Daikin 4MXL36TVJU / EMURA Video
Daikin Linear diffuser Video
Daikin VRV IV 8 Ton commercail office Video
Daikin vrv catalog
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Daikin Aurora MXL series Enhanced
Heat Down to -13F.
Multi-zone indoor units | wall | floor | cassette | concealed
indoor units
indoor units slim duct
indoor units floor mount
indoor units cassette
indoor units emura wall mount
indoor units emura cocealed
daikin AC Aurora MXL series
2 x 2' cassette
Emura wall
Daikin Skyair catalog
Daikin ductless catalog