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Daikin VRV-S and Quaternity HVAC installation
LG Indoor and outdoor Ductless split systems
Fujitsu & Daikin split systems
Daikin split Air conditioner VRV-S and Quaternity
LG ductless split Air conditioner
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ductless air conditioning
Ductless split air conditioners systems specifically designed to improve the
comfort level in an uncomfortably hot or cold room of an existing building; Ductless air conditioner do not require
ductwork. They are the perfect cooling and heating solution. It is especially advantageous for
applications where you are re construct an older building that may lack the room for ductwork, Indoor units are available
in various styles including ceiling concealed, ceiling suspended, flat cassette, wall mount, and floor-mounted
designs, and the versatility and variety of applications for ductless split systems are virtually unlimited. They are excellent
choices for spot-cooling or heating solution, including bedrooms, new additions, or entire house, and with commercial
central air - VRV, VRF and ECO-i systems, you can cool and heat large buildings with up to 2,000 rooms.
Ductless Air conditioner - duct-free, no ductwork required
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Sanyo WCHDZ32053
Mitsubihi city multi heat pump outdoor unit
Daikin VRV III heat pump outdoor unit
Fujitsu multi zone ductless air conditioners
Sanyo W-3WAY ECO-i Heat Recovery Unit - WCHDZ32053
Ductless systems Integrates cutting-edge inverter technology to give
advanced products features that deliver optimum in
air-conditioned comfort and control, built-in intelligence
independent zoning control and maximum flexibility. Designed to
maximize diversity and effectively use energy while delivering the
ultimate comfort in each zone.
fiedrich ductless air conditioners system
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Carrier duct-free air conditioner
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Friedrich and carrier AC
LG ductless
Single and Multi-zone
Ductless systems advanced comfort control
Ductless Split Air conditioner for residential & commercial applications
LG & Fujitsu outdoor units
LG and Fujitsu outdoor units installed in NJ
advance ductless air conditioning
Ductless Air conditioning systems will keep you comfortable.
Single & multi zone split Air conditioners offering wide variety
and choices, heating & cooling (heat pump), or cooling only.
Single outdoor condensing unit enable to serve one, 2, 3 or 8
zones, create from one of more than 200
ductless air conditioning 200 combinations
A wide selection of ductless Air conditioners and heat pumps, for your design and performance needs, design flexibility
practically fit in any residential and commercial complex, variety of indoor units choices and styles for maximum flexibility, allows
independently zone control in every room, provide the ultimate zoning system. Inverter variable speed compressor deliver precise
amount of heating or cooling to all connected zones, use energy effectively while maintain the ideal comfort level, and minimized
the energy usage.

Commercial sites can range from a few hundred to several thousand square feet. Offers large capacity
centralized systems, Air to air or water cooled systems with advanced features to meet practically any challenge. Daikin VRV,
Mitsubishi VRF and Sanyo ECO-I, designed for small and large buildings, it utilizes the latest advances in refrigeration and air
conditioning technology.

In a building, not every room will need cooling or heating at the exact same time. VRV, VRF and ECO-i systems understand this
fact. The connected capacity of each Daikin VRV III indoor unit can reach up to 200% of the outdoor unit capacity by taking the
advantage of load diversity and simultaneous cooling and heating operation. Each system efficiently distributes the capacity
among the indoor units while effectively using energy, more effective and efficient way to cool and heat your building.
Commercial systems provide engineers the flexibility to meet their application designs, ranging from the simple to the complex.
Ductless commercial heat pump & heat recovery systems available in 208/230V and 460V capabilities design for up to 50 zones
per system.

Daikin VRV III operate up to 54 indoor fan coil units on a single system, and the Mitsubishi City Multi Y series can be configured
for up to 50 zones. Sanyo CEO-i outdoor unit able connected to up to 27 Zones. Systems with Hyper-Heating inverter (h2i) have
the capability to connect with up to 24 indoor units, powerful heating & cooling, designed to operate in extreme low temperature
providing 100% capacity at 5 f outdoor temperature an 75% capacity at (minus) -13 outdoor temperature, perfect choice for year-
round comfort – even in the coldest of climates.

Mitsubishi City Multi VRF, multiple systems can be integrated into control network and manage up to 2,000 zones from a single-
networked PC. Daikin AC  modulate system can operate up to 1024 indoor units on a single network, Connection diversity can
be applied up to 200% of the indoor fan coil unit capacity to outdoor condensing unit nominal capacity. Available in heat pump
and heat recovery allow for simultaneous
heating and cooling from one system.
ductless air conditioning commercial
ductless air conditioning
ductless air conditioning
ductless air conditioning
residential and light commercial ac
FUJITSU Single & Multi split up to 4 zones
Ideal for Residential & light commercial

Fujitsu Ductless split air conditioner heat pump systems,
create 110 different systems and capacities with only 11
components mix and much flexibility, Heating and cooling
inverter technology. High efficiency up to 26-SEER, Single and
choice of Wall, Floor, Ceiling suspended, concealed ceiling, and
ceiling cassette mounted. Installation options: 9, 12, 15, 18, 24,
30, 36, and 42,000 BTU. FUJITSU systems are up to 110% more
efficient than 10 SEER models and up to 39% smaller compare
to same other branded models.

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim
Residential & light commercial

One of the industry leaders in ductless air conditioning technology
Provide high performance heating and cooling air conditioning and heat
simple as mounting the indoor and outdoor units, connecting the
refrigerant lines and making a few electrical connections. An easy
installation for your home or business, and with no duct to run single zone
system can be installed in less than three hours means that you can
quickly enjoying the comfort of your new Mr. Slim.
Mitsubishi City Multi VRF
Residential & Commercial

A user friendly ductless or ducted commercial or residential systems City
Multi offer the first two-pipe, simultaneous cooling and heating system
available in the USA. The best way to ensure total comfort for the occupants of
offices, schools, hospitals, assisted-living facilities, hotels and more, provide
each individual zone with a personalized comfort system, offers maximum
individual comfort and energy savings, Inverter technology varying the speed of
the outdoor unit compressor to meet the changing load requirements in each
of the indoor zones. City Multi VRF systems provide engineers the flexibility to
meet their applications designs, ranging from the simple to the complex.
Mitsubishi City Multi VRF systems
Commercial application
Commercial & industrial heat pumps & heat recovery systems, variety of
ducted indoor units, system can be integrated into Mitsubishi control
network and manage up to 2,000 zones, outdoor units ranging from 6 ton
up to 30 ton.
Fujitsu HFI up to 8 zones
Residential & Light commercial
8 Zone
ductless and ducted heat pump system, provide heating
and cooling, indoor units capacity ranging from 7,000 Btu up to
24,000 Btu, choices wall, Floor, Ceiling cassette, and concealed
ceiling units, controlled by central wired remote, creating eight
individual zones.
Power 20/230V / 30 Amps
Daikin Single & Multi split up to 4 Zones

Daikin Ductless and ducted systems are perfect solution for home
and business, Choices single zone cooling only or cooling and
heating, ranging capacity from 7,000 Btu up to 42,000 Btu, indoor
unit’s type available: Wall, Floor, Ceiling suspended, concealed
units, floor mounted and ceiling cassette, High efficiency up to 26.1
SEER. Multi zone available only in heating and cooling up to 4 zones
Products information, Features & benefits
vrf, hfi
Daikin and Mitsubishi
CARRIER Ductless systems

Residential & Light commercial
Ductless AC, Wide variety of duct-free systems, cooling only, or
heating and cooling (heat pump) systems,
Extremely powerful Five ton commercial wall mounts system
Daikin VRV-S Up to 8 Zone Multi split system
Residential & Light commercial

Daikin VRV-S - residential & Light commercial advanced ductless
and ducted system up to 8 zones, indoor units ranging from 7,500
Btu - 48,000 Btu, outdoors units available in 36,000 and 48,000
Btu, connections flexibility: 18,000 - 46,000 Btu for 3 Ton, and
24,000 - 62,000 Btu for 4 ton, Power supply: 1 phase 230V / 30 Amp
FRIEDRICH Ductless systems
Residential & Light commercial

Advance inverter technology new heating and cooling without
duct work, sophisticated systems, quite, ultra efficient, esthetically
design Wall, floor, ceiling suspended and ceiling cassette, Single,
dual, tri and four zone, variety type and capacities.
Ductless Mini-split Air conditioner compared to central AC | informations

Ductless air conditioner has huge benefits compared to central ac. Ductless mean duct free, the indoor unit ca (air handler) blow
direct air to the space and save 30% energy, in central AC the air travel in the duct make it less efficient, takes longer to heat and cool.

Central Air conditioner cooling or heating the entire space, most central AC installed in homes do not have zone control, so it cool and
heat the entire space that is waist of energy and money.
On the other hand, ductless mini-split are zone controlled  cool and heat only the room you want and not the areas you don’t.
18,000 BTU is a typical minimum capacity for central air handler. Ductless mini-splits available in variety of indoor units type and
capacities start with 5,000 Btu - up to 32,000 per indoor units for residential applications and up 96,000 Btu for commercial use.
Most central ac are not DC inverter, they run until the thermostat reach the desired temperature and stop, ductless compressor are
DC inverters multiple speed they changing speed and capacities the occupied space, you can control the 3-4  fan speed, (most
central ac does not have the ability to control the fan speed).

Ductless indoor units comes with 4 filters, (2 dust filter plus 2 air quality filter, also the indoor unit build-in return air crucial for any ac to
operate in the right way (most central ac installed lack of return air in every room) to build return air in every room required more duct,
more labor and more money to spend, 90% of the homes we visited has one return air and in most cases they was undersized.

We do install Central air conditioner if required by customers, mostly we install high efficiency inverter ducted central air conditioner
and heat pump, one unit provide heating and cooling with high standard of installation
Sanyo ( Panasonic) ECO-i Multi zone VRF systems

commercial and industrial conditioned heat pump & heat recovery
systems, modular design allows two outdoor units to be joint together for
increased capacities, outdoor units available from 5 ton up to 26 ton
capacities, connected to up to 40 indoor units.
    Mini split advantages

  • Reach desired temperature faster
  • Indoor Air quality
  • adjust capacity cooling or heating to much your need
  • Zoning control,
  • Fresh Air Intake (option)
  • Minimize temperature fluctuations
  • R410A refrigerant  environmentally friendly
  • Inverter technology
  • Startup time reduced by one - third compared to normal on / off units
  • No duct work required
  • Indoor unit collect dust, cigarettes smoke and pollen
  • Reduces energy consumption by one - third compared to normal on /off units
(commercial application)

The VRV W-II central water cooling system offer high energy
efficient compared to traditional centralized AC, compact and
lightweight makes installation in large building easier. Up to 32
indoor units can be connected with a choice of 10 different styles
and 46 models ranging from 0.6 to 4 ton. Outdoor unit weight
only 330 LB and high less than 40" can easily ride on elevator
building, can be installed in machine room, ideal for hotels,
offices and large commercial applications, Each indoor unit can
be controlled to provide heating and cooling independently.
Daikin VRV III
(commercial application)

The VRV systems integrate cutting-edge inverter technology to
give you total control over your entire building.
High efficiency variable speed 'inverter" compressor coupled with
inverter fan motors for superior system part load performance.
The compressor capacity modulated automatically to maintain a
constant suction pressure, while varying the refrigerant volume to
deliver precisely the needs of the cooling or heating loads.
The VRV III-S completes the VRV system offering superb
technology, available at smaller capacities. An Air conditioning
heat pump system with one phase power supply (208-230V),
The 3 Ton condenser connects to a maximum of 6 Indoor units
III -S makes it ideal for most light commercial or residential
projects – retail stores, small, small office, restaurants, schools,
universities, health care facilities, multifamily townhouses,
condos, and family home.
New! Daikin VRV III -S Split Air conditioner
(6 - 8 zones) Residential & light commercial
LG ductless air conditioning
carrier ductless air conditioning
Friedrich ductless air conditioning
What is heat pump?

Because heat pumps do not actually create heat - they just move it
from one place to another. For example, the output of an efficient
10 EER heat pump is triples that of an electric heater. In some
climates, a heat pump may handle your heating and cooling needs
more efficiently then a furnace or air conditioner. The heat pumps  
systems are more efficient than some other forms of heating usually
requires some other source of heat to satisfy heating requirements
in colder environments. Because 75% of our line is inverter heat
pumps, they offer wider operating range and up to 30% more heat
capacity than a standard heat pump.
ductless air conditioning
what is heat pump
SANYO (Panasonic) Single & Multi split up to 4 zones
Residential & light commercial

High efficient inverter technology, powerful cooling and low noise level
offer wide versatility in solving cooling and heating requirements,
Rapid heating & cooling.
System ranging from 7,000 Btu up to 42,000 Btu
mini split heat pump
Daikin air conditioner
daikin vrv iii and panasonic multi
Service All type of Ductless Air conditioning include:

Fujitsu | Daikin AC | Mitsubishi | Sanyo | Samsung | LG | Friedrich | Carrier |
Panasonic | Trane |
Commercial, ductless Air conditioners

Commercial ductless split systems designed for wide variety of applications, Front stores, Restaurants, Schools,
universities, Medical center, churches, synagogue, and even small and large buildings.
State of the art inverter technology, independent zoning control, space saving, quite operation, smart energy efficient
designed for maximum comfort and control.
Depend on the brand, one condensing unit can connected up to 54 indoor units (Daikin AC), indoor unit choices:
wall mounted, Floor, Concealed ceiling, cassette, and ceiling suspended,
The outdoor condensing unit ranging from 6 Ton up to 30 Ton, and the indoor units capacities ranging from 6,000 Btu
up to 96,000 Btu, most of commercial systems provide heating and cooling using heat pump, or heat recovery
theology. Modular outdoor units enable to connect up to 1024 indoor units on a single network.
A single network enables to cool and heat entire building with only two line sets running from the condensing units.
A centralized system that can cool or heat a large working area all day, deliver precise temperature control in a
confined zone with no ductwork.
  • Air conditioning installation
  • service mini split
  • AC & Heat pump repair
  • Diagnose and inspect
  • Troubleshooting Air conditioning
  • Troubleshooting compressor problem
  • Maintenance AC and Heat pumps
  • Fix condensate problem
  • Cleaning Air conditioning
  • leaking repair
  • Inspecting insufficient coolness
  • Replace air quality filter
  • Repair and replace Air conditioning
  • Tune up Air conditioner systems
  • Fix Air conditioning control system
  • Annually Service contract
Residential, ductless split Air conditioning - Easy Installation no duct work required

Residential ductless Air conditioner system, designed for different purposes, We at Pacific Air conditioner offer the
state of the art ductless split air conditioning solution for almost any application, a duct-free system with little or no
duct involved, simple  installation of a Mini split system for single room, or A wall mounted Multi split system enable to
condition  multiple rooms efficiently with no ductwork, One Multi-zone condensing unit enable to connect  to up to eight
indoor units, yet each indoor unit independently controlled by wireless or wired remote, installation is practically easy,
connection between indoor and outdoor units via refrigerant lines, a three inches wall opening required to run the
lines together with the electrical connections, that it!.
A great solution allows you to control the temperature zone by zone, resulting in greater comfort and control.
Video: Installation of Ductless & central Air conditioner by Pacific Air conditioner in NY NJ
Annually preventive service contract
We offer affordable annually
“preventive maintain plan” for
residential, ductless Mini-split Air
conditioning / Heat pump,
keeping your system up and running
trouble-free all year round.
residential, commercial, industrieal
maintenance cost
HVAC services
ductless services in NY and NJ
major brand name
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Authorized HVAC contractor
Fujitsu | Daikin AC | Mitsubishi | Sanyo | Carrier
Trane | Frederich | Samsung | Lennox

VRV III | VRV W-III | VRV III-S | City Multi
Ductless Air conditioning service
HVAC service, Repair and Maintenance

Pacific HVAC Air conditioner is an authorized  contractor for
Fujitsu, Daikin AC, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Samsung, Panasonic,
Trane, Friedrich and LG.

We are highly trained, experienced and specialized in
Ductless Air conditioning service, repair and installation
include Heat pumps and VRV systems,

We have been improving comfort in homes and business all
over NY & NJ While servicing, maintain and repair a wide
variety of ductless air conditioners and heat pump systems.
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Affordable professional air conditioning service and repair

When you seeking for  Air conditioning repair, HVAC service, or
annually maintenance program, we have the experience to meet any of
your heating and cooling problems: optimize poor a performance,
repair non-working system, diagnose and repair heat pump systems,
repair and replace PCB inverter motherboard, calculate and optimize
extended lines, Trouble shoot, diagnostic and repair VRV systems,
program and optimize ducted multi-zone inverter system, service and
maintenance indoor and outdoor units for best performance, results in
least energy usage, repair refrigerant leaking in high pressure heat
pump systems,
maintenace services
Servicing & Repair Ductless Air conditioning | Mini Split | Heat Pump | VRV system
Ductless Air conditioner, Heating & cooling         
  • Art Cool Mini-Split single zone
  • Floor standing
  • Ceiling cassette
  • Ceiling concealed
  • Flex Multi split Inverter up to four zone
                   Ductless Air conditioning service, repair and maintenance in NY and NJ

    Service and repair all ductless Air conditioning and heat pump systems Mini split, heat pump, wall mount, concealed unit, ceiling
    cassette, floor mount service and repair: Refrigerant leaking, clogged condensation pipe, repair replace condensate pump,
    Drain lines, Replace noisy fan motor, replace damaged board, control system, compressor, expansions valve and more.
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