Mitsubishi Mr Slim condensing unit
M-Series A Models
Ductless Heating and cooling / Cooling
only, Inverter driven compressor
M Series
12,000 Btu vertical Air handler
18,000 Btu vertical Air handler
12,000 Btu ducted concealed
12,000 Btu wall mounted
12,000 Btu ceiling-cassette
12,000 Btu vertical Air handler
12,000 Btu ducte conceale
12,000 Btu wall mounted
12,000 Btu ceiling-cassette
18,000 Btu ducted concealed
18,000 Btu wall mounted
18,000 Btu ceiling-cassette
18,000 ducted concealed
18,000 Btu wall mounted
18,000 Btu ceiling cassette
18,000 Btu vertical air handler
PKA models wall mount
PC-Series Ceiling Suspended A/C and Heat Pumps
Four ceiling-suspended air conditioning models are
available from 24,000 to 42,000 Btu/h. Four heat pump
(HP) models start at 26,000  and range up to 45,000 Btu/h
Mr. Slim PC series ductless ceiling suspended unit
Mr. Slim PC series ductless AC outdoor unit
P Series Hyper- Heating Inverter
All Year around performance, Wall Mounted
and Ceiling recessed, Super low ambient up
to -13 ° in heating mode
Mr. Slim PC series ductless outdoor unit 42,000 Btu
Mr. Slim P series ductless outdoor unit
Mr. Slim wired remote control
Mr. Slim P series ductless ceiing cassette unit
Mr. Slim wired remote control
Mr. slim P series ductless wall mount AC
Mr.slim ducted indoor unit
PEA-series ducted AC available in cooling only or
heat pump heating & cooling
Model ranging from 12,000 Btu - 18,000 Btu
Mr. Slim ductless heat pump condenser
Mr. Slim wired remote control
City multi s
Mitsubishi City Multi VRFZ twin outdoor units
Mitsubishi s-series CITY MULTI VRFZ
S-Series Solutions for the home or
small office

The CITY MULTI S-Series offers all the
features and benefits of Mitsubishi
large commercial CITY MULTI
Y-Series. The S-Series
Solution features a single-phase
outdoor unit with Variable
Refrigerant Flow Zoning (VRFZ)
technology and CITY MULTI
Controls Network (CMCN) to cool or
heat all zones with a
variety of indoor unit styles.
Mitsubish city multii VRFZ catalog
Hyper heat
Mitsubishi Ductless split Air conditioner systems perfect fit for
residential and commercial applications and used extensively in
schools, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, office
buildings, data rooms, and churches, additional a multitude for
other light commercial applications.

A ductless heating and cooling systems can fit almost in any
application, they small in size big in performance, Efficient, Quite,
Secure. No duct work needed, fully customized HVAC systems
providing comfort conditioning inside homes, offices, and buildings.
Easy installation takes less effort and time

only 3-4 inches opening in the wall or ceiling
required, connect the indoor (Air Handler) to outdoor
(Condenser) unit by Refrigerant lines and electric
power. Unlike complicated ducted central AC,
Mitsubishi systems are design for quick and easy
installation; the indoor unit (air handler) takes in
supply air from the room through its small grill and
blows the fresh air back into the room Installation
process on regular condition on average takes less
than one day.

Mr. Slim efficient, quite, energy saver

the perfect solution for almost any application, the
heat pump allow heating and air conditioning
from the same system, highly efficient results in
lower utility cost.
Mr. Slim ductless systems installed especially in
existing buildings because there is no ductwork to run
in addition Mitsubishi systems can be installed in
New Home Office schools, Nursing home, Hospitals,
Restaurants, Hotels and Data rooms.
(Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning)
Ductless or ducted system for commercial and residential

Design flexibility

CITY MULTI VRF systems provide engineers the flexibility to
meet their application designs, ranging from the simple to the
complex. CITY MULTI R2 and Y-Series systems, available in
208/230V or 460V, design for up to 50 zones per system.
The W-Series system enable connection up to sixteen zones and
the S-Series system can be configured for up to eight zones.

The Hyper-Heating INVERTER (H2i™) have the capability to
connect with up to 24 indoor units.
Multiple CITY MULTI systems can be integrated into Mitsubishi
controls network to air condition and manage up to
2,000 zones from a single-networked PC using
Mitsubishi Electric furnished software.
  • Heat pumps - Heating and cooling
  • Heat recovery - Simultaneous heating and cooling operation
  • Hyper heating inverter H2i - 100% heating at 5 ºF, Operates up
    to -13 ºF
  • Water-source - Simultaneous cool and heat or provide heat
    pump operation
  • Outdoor units capacity - ranging from 7 Ton - 36 Ton,
    208/230V & 460V/3
  • Indoor units capacity - ranging from 6,000 Btu - 96,000 Btu
  • Ductless or concealed
  • AC - Cooling only
  • Heat pumps - Heating & cooling, Hyper heating
  • Multi zone  - Ranging from two to eight zones (residential)
  • Outdoor unit capacity - raging from 9,000 Btu - 48,000 Btu
  • Indoor units capacity - ranging from 6,000 Btu - 48,000 Btu
  • Power - 208/230V Single phase
Mr slim
Mitsubishi City Multi VRF

Commercial Central Air conditioners Ductless and
ducted, split systems / Heat pump / Heat recovery
Mr. Slim

Residential, light commercial split Air conditioners
Ductless or concealed, Heating and cooling / Heat Pump
Mr slim MSZ-FE09, 12NA wall mount
ductless floor standing indoor units
Mitsubishi ceiling cassette PLA-A12, 18, 24BA
Mr slim SEZ concealed indoor unit
Concealed  indoor units
Floor - standing
12, 18, & 24,000 Btu
Wall mounted indoor units
Ceiling cassette

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ-8B48NA eight-zone
Heat pump heating & cooling outdoor unit
enable to connect up to eight indoor units.
The inverter driven compressor provide
variable capacity control allows the systems
automatically adjust  to the indoor units

Unlike other multi-port system the MXZ-8B48A
outdoor unit required branch boxes to
connectup to eight indoor units.

The outdoor unit enables to control variety of
indoor unit’s type and capacities, wall, floor,
concealed ceiling and ceiling cassette.
Outdoor unit capacity is 48,000 Btu in cooling
and 54,000 Btu in heating, and can range from
a minimum 12,000 Btu up to 60,000 Btu in
heating mode.

The MXZ-8B48A allows for further flexibility
connected indoor units up to 130%
Maximum connectivity up to 70,200 Btu.
24,000 Btu
Ducted indoor unit
M Series
Mitsubishi mr slim and city multi
City Multi
City Multi VRFZ full line catalog
Mitsubishi M and P series Catalog 2010
Mitsubishi M & P series
Mr. Slim MXZ-8B48NA 48,000 Btu eight zone
Mr.slim ducted concealed indoor unit
City Multi R2 & Y Series
City Multi R2 & Y series
City Multi
Mr. Slim
Hyper heater H2i Heat Pump (Heating & cooling)

  • 18,000 Btu Wall-mounted ductless indoor unit
  • Efficiency 20.2 SEER
  • HSPF 10.3
  • EER 14.2
  • H2i Hyper heater capabilities
  • Inverter Driven compressor
  • Quite Operation

MSZ-FE18NA is a Hyper-Heating wall mounted indoor
unit, rated capacity of 27,000 Btu at 47˚ F produce 100%
heating at 5˚ F and 73% at minus -13˚ F.
ductless air conditioning
ductless air conditioning
Mr. Slim

  • 24,000 Btu Wall mounted ductless indoor unit
  • Efficiency 19 SEER
  • HSPF 10
  • Cooling capacity range 8,200-31,400 Btu
  • Heating capacity range 7,500-36,900 Btu
  • Maximum heating capacity at 5˚ F 21,600 Btu
  • Inverter driven compressor
  • Quite Operation

    The MS(Y) Z-GE24NA improved high efficiency,
    system include Nano platinum and anti allergy Enzyme filter.
indoor and outdoor units
mr slim
P series
City multi s
city multi
Mitsubishi Product Family Brochure
Mitsubishi Homeowner brochure
City Multi VRF technology
City Multi VRF technology
Mitsubishi Product Family Brochure
Mitsubishi Homeowner brochure
Indoor and Outdoor units
Mitsubishi systems
Ductless Dual Zone
wall Mounted
Mr Slim Outdoor
Mr Slim Outdoor
Unit MXZ3A30
Mr Slim Outdoor
Unit PK series
Mr Slim Outdoor
Unit PC series
Mr Slim eight zone
indoor and outdoor units
Mitsubishi indoor and outdoor units
City Multi H2i Series
Outdoor units
Mr slim ductless multi zone
Mr. Slim M series outdoor unit
Mr. Slim M series outdoor unit
Mr. Slim ductless PK series outdoor unit
Mr. Slim PC series ductless outdoor unit 42,000 Btu
Mitsubishi MXZ-8B48NA
Mitsubishi H2i Hyper Heater
super inverter
Mitsubishi pefy concealed_indoor unit
Mitsubishi ceiling cassette
Mitsubishi city multi concealed indoor unit
Mr slim ducted indoor unit
Concealed indoor unit
Ceiling cassette
Concealed indoor unit
Ducted indoor unit
MSZ-FE18NA heat pump/AC
Mr slim MS(Y) Z-GE24NA
Mitsubishi Mr Slim & City Multi contractor
ductless ac informations
mitsubishi systems VRF
Mitsubishi Mr slim
mitsubishi Mr slim
Mr slim
Mitsubishi city multi and mr slim
Mitsubishi ductless split air conditioner
Mitsubishi contractor
EPA certified contractor
Pacific hvac air conditioner logo
Pacific HVAC Air Conditioner
Tel: 201-266-0049
Mitsubishi Mr slim full line catalog
wall mounted MSZ-FE188A
Mr. Slim wall mounted MSZ-FE188A
Mitsubishi Ductless split Air conditioner
PACIFIC HVAC Air Conditioner specialized in ductless mini-split air
conditioning & het pumps systems provide professional installation
and HVAC services for all Mitsubishi Mr. Slim and City Multi Air
Conditioners both for residential and commercial applications,
making the ultimate comfort and convenience for any application. No
duct work or sheet metal is needed, no plumbing required,
numerous options to complement any decor, virtually unlimited
applications, advance technology quite operation, handy wireless
  • Air conditioner installation Mr.slim and City Multi
  • Trouble shoot and AC repair
  • Heat pump & heat recovery repair
  • Wireless and wired control repair
  • System diagnoses and leaks repair
  • Ductless indoor unit freezing problem
  • Outdoor unit freezing coil
  • Indoor and outdoor motherboard repair or replace
  • Drain clogged repair
  • Fix Multi city network control
  • Diagnose and replace compressor
  • Indoor fan, outdoor fan replace
  • Motor replace
  • Repair piping leak and add refrigerant
  • Fix electrical problem
  • Fix Airflow problem
  • Cleaning indoor & outdoor coil
  • Annually Maintenance program
  • Extended warranty for all Mitsubishi Air
    conditioner & heat pump system include City Multi
Mitsubishi Ductless Air conditioning;
Service, Installation, Repair, Maintenance
Air conditioner service
Mr slim & city multi
Mitsubishi service
Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning, service, installation, ac repair
NY NJ Mitsubishi Air conditioner contractor | Ductless & central AC
Ductless Air conditioner Installation | AC repair | Service & Maintenance | City Multi VRF
HVAC contractor
Mr. Slim and City Multi
Located in Englewood, NJ 07631
Service Area: NY & NJ
Mitsubishi contractor
Mitsubishi H2i heat pump
hyper heat
Mitsubishi H2i,  All year round comfort, heating down to -13 ºF.  (additional information)

Mitsubishi h2i system provide heating and cooling in extreme low temperature conditions,
unlike standard split system heat pump that operate in heating mode up to 14 ºF.
These system provide heating down to -13˚ F outdoor ambient and produce up to 100%
heating capacity at 5˚ F.

The H2i advanced  heating technology  can heat a space efficiently and effectively even when
temperature outside are down to -13˚ F.
There is usually no need for back up heat or any supplement heat with this system.
I -see-sensor
the I-see sensor detects temperature variations in
hard to control ceiling or floor areas, and control the
Airflow up to a wide lateral angle for maximum comfort
M Series
mitsubishi HVAC services
Air conditioning installation
mitsubishi city multi VRF
Mr slim
mitsubishi systems
cost to install
Pacific hvac air conditioner logo
Mitsubishi hvac ductless catalog
Mitsubishi P Series catalog
Mitsubishi City Multi catalog
download files
download files
Mitsubishi Mr. Slim catalog
Mitsubishi ductless catalog PDF
Mitsubishi City Multi catalog PDF
Mitsubishi P Series catalog PDF
Mitsubishi Mr. Slim catalog PDF
Mitsubishi HVAC products catalog (PDF Files)
Mitsubishi Hyper Heat for residential and commercial
Mitsubishi Hyper heat catalog
cost to install mitsubishi mini split
Cost to install Mitsubishi Mini split
h2i systems
PACIFIC hvac mitsubishi contractor
h2i systems
hyper heat
Mr. slim
M Series
M Series
indoor and outdoor units
M Series
Mitsubishi M Series Air Conditioners
Submittal / specifications / Information /
Single zone
MSY-A15NA & MUY-A15NA: Submittal
15,000 Btu wall mount, cooling only
MSY-A17NA & MUY-A17NA: Submittal
17,000 Btu wall mount, cooling only
MSY-A24NA-MUY-A24NA: Submittal
24,000 Btu wall mount, cooling only
MSY-GA24NA -MUY-GA24NA: Submittal
24,000 Btu wall mount, cooling only
MSZ-A09NA-MUZ-A09NA: Submittal
9,000 Btu wall mount, Heat Pump
MSZ-A12NA-MUZ-A12NA: Submittal
12,000 Btu, wall mount, Heat Pump
MSZ-A15NA-MUZ-A15NA: Submittal
15,000 Btu wall mount, Heat Pump
MSZ-A24NA-MUZ-A24NA: Submittal
24,000 Btu wall mount, Heat pump
MSZ-GA24NA-MUZ-GA24NA: Submittal
24,000 Btu wall mount, Heat Pump
Mitsubishi M series condensing unit
M- Series MXZ-A Models
Multi-Zone, Inverter, Heating and cooling,
Ductless or ducted
MXZ-2A20NA / 2A20NA-1 / 2A20NA-2: Submittal
20,000 Btu, Dual-zone, combination with: wall mount,
concealed, Heat pump, heating and cooling.
MXZ-3A30NA / 3A30NA-1: Submittal
30,000 Btu, Tri-zone, combination with: wall mount,
concealed, Heat pump, Heating and cooling.
36,000 Btu, Quad-zone, combination with: wall mount,
concealed, heat pump, heating and cooling
Mr. Slim ductless wall mount air conditioning
Mr. Slim ductless wall mount air conditioning
Mr. Slim ductless wall mount air conditioning
Mr. Slim ductless wall mount air conditioning
P Series
P Series
M series A models
M series MXZ-A models
M Series
M Series
M Series - Air conditioner & Heat pump
Multi-inverter systems: 2, 3, & 4 zones
    Ductless Air conditioning systems

    Ductless systems are a great solution they install quickly, moreover they’re not just Perfect solution for the whole
    home, but also supplement to a home’s existing HVAC system.

    Ductless technology is the fastest-growing segment in the U.S industry also the most common way To cool and
    heat buildings around the world. Since this technology is still relative new to the American market, consumers
    may not understand a lot about ductless systems. Pacific HVAC Air conditioner website provides useful
    resources for homeowners also helps business learn about ductless systems.

    Ductless systems benefits

  • Energy efficiency: Ductless systems are up to 40 percent more efficient than other type of HVAC systems.
    Additional, since the systems are duct-free, duct loss is eliminated, further increasing energy saving.

  • Allergies: Ductless systems have highly advanced allergen-filtration, including washable filters that eliminate
    contaminants from the air Because those systems require limited to no duct work, the potential for mold spore,
    and dust accumulating in ducts is reduced or eliminated, additional improving air quality.

  • Eliminates hot and cold spots:

    Ductless Air conditioning system’s zoning capability grants homeowners individual control over their comfort in
    every room. Similarly as Individuals don’t expect to walk into their room, flip a light switch and have all the lights in
    the house turn on at once, so they shouldn't stand for this from their HVAC systems either.

  • Easy installation: For both new construction and retrofits, Ductless split systems are simple to install, they
    require little to no ductwork, minimizing demolition in retrofit. Their small footprint also compact size uses up less
    space than traditional HVAC system.
ductless air conditioning
Mitsubishi h2i
M Series
P Series
M series MXZ-A models
Mitsubishi P Series
PED models ceiling concealed
PUZ models condenser unit
PCA models ceiling cassette
PVA models vertical air handler
PCA models ceiling suspended
PCA Model
PEAD Model
PCA & PLA Model
PVA Model
PUZ Model
PKA Model
PUZ models condenser unit
PUZ 36k Model
P Series
P Series
Mitsubishi MXZ H2i
Mitsubishi P Series catalog PDF
Video for Mitsubishi products
Video for Mitsubishi products
Video for Mitsubishi products
Mitsubishi MXZ-4C36NA 4 zoneVideo
Mitsubishi VRF catalog
Mitsubishi systems
ductless air conditioning
M Series
M Series
M Series
Mr. slim
Mr. slim
Mr. slim
M Series
M Series
M Series
Video for Mitsubishi products
Mitsubishi HVAC services
Mitsubishi contractor
HVAC contractor
ductless ac informations
ductless ac informations
City Multi VRF
Mitsubishi HVAC services
Ductless air conditioning
download files
download files
download files
download files
M Series
Mr. slim
M Series
Mitsubishi air conditioners
indoor and outdoor units
Mitsubishi air conditioners
M series MXZ-A models
M series MXZ-A models
P Series
P Series
P Series
P Series
P Series
P Series
P Series
P Series
city multi
City Multi
City Multi
PEA Series
PEA Series
PEA Series
City multi s
Mitsubishi MLZ one way cassette availble up to 5 zones
Mitsubishi MLZ One way cassette fit between the joist
Mitsubishi MLZ one-way cassette by Mitsubishi Video

    Highlights Features

  • Fit between 16" standard joist
  • sleek modern design
  • Less than 8" high
  • Adjustable fan speed & vane directions
  • Built-in condensate pump
  • smart phone controlled (optional)
  • Availble in 9, 12 and 18,000 Btu
  • Ceiling ductless Air conditioner
  • Air quality advanced filtration
  • Available in single & Multi zone
  • Installation in NY & NJ
Mitsubishi MLZ Series one-way cassette
Video for Mitsubishi products
Video for Mitsubishi products
Video for Mitsubishi products
Mitsubishi one-way ceiling cassette Video
Mitsubishi ductless 5 zone Video
Video for Mitsubishi products
Video for Mitsubishi products
Video for Mitsubishi products
previous Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner
installation in NY & NJ
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Video for Mitsubishi products
Daikin & Mitsubishi Ductless & duct air conditioner Video
Video for Mitsubishi products