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Ductless, ducted Mini split, Heat Pump, single and multi zone, HFI systems
VRV, VRV III, VRV W-III, VRV III-S, ducted, ductless Mini-split, Heat-pump, Heat recovery, water cooled, up to 65 zones
Mitsubishi: Mr. Slim, City Multi, Ductless heat pumps, heat recovery up to 50 zones..
Ductless Mini split & heat pump systems
Split systems, heat pumps, up to 4 zones.
Split Air conditioning, heat pumps up to 4 zones
Ductless split air conditioning and heat pumps, heat recovery, DVM Digital Variable Multi VRF Systems.
Duct-free products.
Air conditioning systems: Brands we service, installing and repair
installation, repair, maintenace
ductless air conditioning
Annually service contract
ductless air conditioning
ductless air conditioning
ductless air conditioning
PACIFIC HVAC Air conditioner service
ductless air conditioning
HVAC Service we provide:
Installation, repair maintenance
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ductless air conditioning
  • NYC (Manhattan)
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Staten Island
  • Long island city
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  • All NJ
Service area:
NY, NJ and the surroundings include:
ductless air conditioning
Heating cooling and Air conditioning service in NY and NJ
service area
service area
HVAC contractor: installation and maintenance
HVAC service we provide
pacific hvac air conditioner services
Ductless systems, Central AC, Split systems, VRF, Package units, Rooftop, Chillers, Air Quality, Heat pump.
Residential, Commercial, Multi family heating and cooling systems.
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Central Air conditioners
Central AC
Rooftop systems
ductless air conditioning
ductless air conditioning
ductless air conditioning
ductless air conditioning
heating ventilation air conditioning
Ductless Air conditioning
Central Air conditioners
Brand | Capacity | system type | Single-zone | Multi- zone

Residential HVAC installation | wall mount | concealed | floor mount | ceiling suspended | cassette

we offer wide range of high efficiency Air conditioning and heating systems for your home.
Indoor units type: wall, floor, ceiling concealed, cassette and ceiling suspended.
SEER rating 15-33. Capacity: 6,000-48,000 per indoor unit

Wall mount:
High on the wall ranging from 6,000 Btu up to 36,000 Btu
Floor mount: mounted on the floor or low on the floor ranging from 9,000 Btu up to 24,000 Btu
Concealed: Ducted or ductless hiding in the ceiling closet, attic or basement, ranging from 7,000 - 54,000 Btu
Ceiling suspended: mounted on the ceiling ranging from 18,000 - 42,000 Btu
Ceiling cassette: Flash mounted on the ceiling, ranging from 9,000 - 48,000 Btu
Single-zone: Ranging from 7,000 - 54,000 Btu
Multi-zone: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 zones, ranging from 18,000 - 60,000 Btu
Brand: Fujitsu, Daikin AC, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Panasonic, Trane, Friedrich, Samsung
Warranty: 5-12 years depend on the product selected
Contractor warranty: One year labor on all installations

Mini Split | Multi split | Ductless Air conditioner heat pumps | Heat recovery
water cooled |Ducted inverter Central AC | Central Heating & Air conditioning
Pacific HVAC Air conditioner: Products & Services
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Authorized contractor
pacific hvac air conditioner services
installation of ductless air conditioning
installation of ductless air conditioning
pacific hvac air conditioner services
Pacific hvac air conditioner logo
installation, repair, maintenace
ductless air conditioning
ductless air conditioning
ductless air conditioning
ductless air conditioning
Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning, service, installation, ac repair
HVAC Contractor | Heating & Air conditioning | Ductless AC
Installation service & repair | Fujitsu | Daikin | Mitsubishi | Trane | Sanyo | Samsung | Friedrich
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Residential HVAC
Heating ventilation and Air conditioning
service in NY & NJ
Advanced ac systems
PACIFIC HVAC Air conditioner contractor offers
one of the best heating ventilation and air
conditioning systems with excellent flexibility
combining potential savings
Managing a team with fifteen years’ experience in
ductless Air conditioning and heat pump
systems, providing excellent service, delivering
maximum comfort and control yet remaining energy

Advanced technologies used to control the exact
temperature in each zone,
condition only the area in use increased saving by
giving just the amount of heating and cooling
needed for the area where the indoor unit is
Commercial Air conditioning
We offers the latest and most innovative
technology in commercial HVAC systems for
the installation of a large sized buildings
Commercial sites can range from a few
hundred to several thousand square feet.
High-performance heating & cooling plus
energy efficient system are essential for new
construction. With
Daikin VRV and Mitsubishi
VRFZ system you can achieve this goal.

Pacific HVAC Air conditioner offer advanced
HVAC installation for commercial use, Heat
Pump, Heat recovery and water cooling
systems, Benefits: Independent zoning control,
small energy loss, less construction work, a
little or no duct-work, simultaneity heating and
cooling  satisfying computer rooms in the
winter, extensive selection of indoor units.

Installing high efficiency systems saving
alternative to traditional centralized equipment,
with advanced features  to meet practically any
This enhanced systems offers state of the art
comfort for hotels, offices, and large
commercial applications, keep running costs
at an absolute minimum by controlling each
Place individually.
Pacific HVAC Air conditioner licensed Air
conditioning contractor in NY & NJ provide heating
and Air conditioning service: Installation, repair &
maintenance for residential applications.

Installing a wide range of high-efficiency
Ductless and ducted Air conditioners and
pump systems for residential applications.

Specialize in ductless ac

We are an HVAC contractor service specialize in
ductless Air conditioning installation repair and
maintenance on both new and existing systems

All house zone by zone
we installing high efficiency Air conditioning &
heating system independent zones for entire house.
HVAC contractor: installation and maintenance
HVAC contractor: installation and maintenance
           HVAC services information

  • Get Free in-home and business HVAC consultation by specialist
  • Free estimate for new installation home, apartments, office, Medical center, Schools,
    university, and more
  • Installing single and multi zone systems, ductless, ducted, wall mount, concealed,
    ceiling mount, and floor mount
  • Installing central AC Heating and cooling or cooling only
  • Repair, charge and optimize all ductless Air conditioning and heat pump systems
  • Replace old central AC with high efficiency system
  • Install ERV Energy Recovery ventilation system
  • Install low ambient heat pump guarantee heating operation down to -15 F.
  • Custom's Installation on window  split system in building apartment
  • offers annually service and maintenance for all type of air conditioning and heat pump
  • offer up to 12 years warranty on Daikin selected models
  • Extended service and maintenance agreement available on both product and labor
HVAC contractor: installation and maintenance
NY HVAC Contractor license:    2021385-DCA
NJ HVAC Contractor License:   13VH07521700